Music Monday- Glamorous

I imagine Music Monday to be a collection of reminders on good music to work out to as well as some different and new music to try out while you’re on the elliptical. 

A very good friend of mine visited this weekend from New Jersey- when I was awaiting her arrival I pulled up an oldie but goodie at the gym. 

May not be for everyone…but the 60+bpm (beats per minute) can really help with a burn session. 

Fergie’s Glamorous featuring Ludacris.  Even “Luda’s” part has a beat to keep it moving throughout the entire song. 

My girlfriends always laugh at me when I sing this out loud…but this time I challenge you to download it onto your playlist and hit the cardio scene for an increase of 4 minutes with this song. 

And to Crysta for her visit…glad that we got to workout this weekend too…so much fun! 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

(Crysta is on the right!) 

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