Champagne Preparations and Holiday Recaps

It’s been a while since I posted..the holidays always keep everyone very busy!  No matter, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is excited to ring in the New Year! As you can see…my friends and family surely had a good one!

My friends and I always have a Christmas party hosted at my house with a charitable cause tagged to it. (Even better when you drink your wine!) So good to see these girls year after year- very big supporters of CCC too! 

We enjoyed our reunion time and ended up donating a whole car load of supplies for the animal shelter! 

And….Phin had a good Christmas..

 And I got a little surprise too!

My family, friends and I are planning our champagne toasts and hair dos…but I can’t stop thinking about the amazing people who have supported me to get CCC started! 

This time is always very exciting- thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and what’s to come.  I saw this image today…made me very excited to jump into the new year with Chocolate Covered Crunches! 

I hope you all cherish these last moments of 2011, as Kathie Lee said this morning “the resolution is to cherish every moment!” 

Off to go get that New Year’s dress! Can’t wait to show you CCC’s resolutions so come back on the 1st to read! 

Cheers to 2012! 

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