2012 Resolutions


We all have resolutions- I think that they truly do help to create goals. 

As I look back on my my resolution to be healthy- I am now always excited to show what happened when I made a resolution. Today is a big day because it’s the first day that someone other than my best friend will know “the number.” Your weight is definitely just a number, I feel that if you are healthy and promise good things to your body then you are a-okay. But this…is just to prove what a resolution can do- I now can say I’m proud of that number! And I hope you can say the same about yourself!

I’m proud to make Chocolate Covered Crunches goals public- because that is what makes a resolution. Every time we make one..you’ll hear about it!

1- 500 views on one post 
2- 150 subscribers 
3- Host a virtual 5K 
4- Declare health from it’s viewers 
5- CCC to help viewers lose 100 pounds this year! 

PS: It’s all out on the table- and here..for the first time “the number”….see what resolutions can do for you: 

2009- 169.5 lbs 

2011- 131 lbs and… 

still running! 

It’s time for you to reach your resolutions! 

Welcome to Chocolate Covered Crunches- we are so happy to have your support! Keep coming back for more- I promise you that we will continue to support your goals and continue to make fitness just a bit sweeter all through 2012! 

Happy New Year! 
Coming up tomorrow…2,000 calories in one week – only 45 minutes a day- please join me! 

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