FREE Workout!

Ahh..Happy Hump Day! 

Okay….since 2012 I hadn’t been to the gym and if you are like me it might make you a bit crazy…but seriously? 22 Degrees and feels like 13? I can understand when you just want to stay in. 

I needed a little bit of change to my routine and definitely a push to get to the gym and warm up! 

I found these great and FREE workouts you can download to your ipod, iphone, ipad..etc. to use at the gym! There are some plug ins about Gatorade, but the trainer is great…very easy to do with any fitness level. Not only is this a great work- it incorporates anaerobic intervals which bump up the amount of calories and endurance we all need in workouts.  

I tested one out today- burned 557 calories and literally had a puddle of sweat underneath my elliptical.  

Really easy to download:

1. Go to
2. Choose Workout 1 or 2 (I tested out workout 2 which had anaerobic intervals…(reason for the puddle) AND definitely worth it! 
3. When you download it to your computer you can find it in your REcently Downloaded folder…drag it to your iTunes account and you’re ready to go! 

And the best part…it was 22 degrees and I got a workout in! 

Definitely celebrating this great workout with some of mom’s good cooking and a my favorite….wine. 🙂 

Mom’s Kung Pow Chicken with Whole Grain Rice
Rex-Goliath Pinot Nior- Remember- a glass of RED wine a day keeps the heart doctor away! 

Try it out and met me know what you think! And..for now- stay warm!!! 

PS: There are other workouts including stair climbers and treadmill, I’ll be reviewing these soon! 

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