Inspiration Tuesday- Ironman Inspiration

Chilly Chilly day! 

You know..I hear almost every day- “I don’t think I can do it!”  Drives me crazy… everyone needs a little push, a little belief.  Even I need (all the time!) a little push! 

This excerpt is about an hour long…but the most impressive part is the end (from about minute 54 and on..) It’s worth the time to watch such an amazing clip.  Two men literally falling down every quarter mile because of exhaustion complete the Ironman World Championships while the oldest woman (age 76) completes it.  If you need a little bit of a push today to get outside or go to the gym- take 10 minutes to watch this

I know…it is pretty cold today…

This woman..Harriet Anderson completed in the Ironman Championship in 2009 as the oldest competitor at age 74.  She completed the ironman compeittion with 7 minutes remaining…11:53 PM.  That’s almost 17 hours of competition.  And see that tape on her arm? She had an injury at mile 80 on her bike…but that didn’t stop here.  She finished the bike route and ran 26.2 miles with a broken clavicle. 

Talk about inspirational…get out and go today! 

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