Thursday Surrenders

It’s been a tough week so I figured that surrenders would be good for my workout (and also yours!) 

I learned this move from Jillian Michaels- Hot Bod in a Box….Erin and I used to do this while running through our Hawaii Bootcamp Exercises. 

How to do a Surrender: 
1. With Weights in Both Hands knees on the ground lift your hands above your head in a press movement 

2. Lift with your body weight so that your right foot is now on the ground 

3. Lift again so that both your right foot and left foot are on the ground (just like standing up!)– make sure to never let your hands down! 

4. Then use your right foot to drop down to your knee again

5. Moving your left foot down to the ground as well to the beginning position. 

What this works: 
– Core
– Glutes
– Quads 

This exercise is essential to helping your core and your quads with one exercise- definitely an A+ if you want to train both areas at the same time!!

CCC’s Note: This IS A HARD EXERCISE- It takes balance, concentration and core strength. It will not be easy the first time, so make sure to practice first without adding weights! 

Now……go surrender 🙂 

Happy Thursday!

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