Change up your Music for Free!

So I got this AWESOME E-mail from Pandora today: 

If you need a change to your music while you workout I definitely recommend these new Pandora channels! 

Here are the ones I’ve tried so far: 

Electronic Cardio
Review: If you like fist pumping at the gym with continuous BPM’s of over 140 then this is the channel for you.  For running I use this channel so it keeps me at a steady pace, however if you are not a fan of techno…I do not recommend it. 
Artists: I couldn’t even tell you.. DJ’s etc. 

Pop Fitness: 
Review: If you don’t want to buy that new song on the radio for $1.29 on iTunes then this is the station for you! Top 40 with BPM’s over 90– good for those music loves on the stairmaster, elliptical, etc. 
Artists: Adele, Usher, Rihanna, and more 
**My favorite so far! 

Alternative Endruance Training
Review: GREAT Music, definitely has a good BPM For weight training/lifting. If you are trying to burn calories though, this isn’t the station for you
Music: Muse, The White Stripes, ACDC, Bush, and more 

Happy Listening and Happy FRIDAY~!!!

What’s pandora?
Pandora is a free streaming service where you can listen to similar songs of your favorite artist or even your favorite song! If you don’t have a pandora account, its free, you can use it on your phone (iphone, droids, etc.) and it can lead you to new artists who have some great talent! Sign up here if you would like to create an account 

Ps: They don’t spam you with e-mails- so it’s okay to give them your email address! 

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