Cucumber Water: A Way to Get the Ounces in!

If you are like me…getting in your normal 64 ounces of water a day is DIFFICULT!!! With all of the beverages out there it also is very expensive if you wanted to drink only flavored water! 

I just went to this awesome Vegetarian Cafe in Charlotte called Fern Flavors of the Garden

When I was drinking my water at the table I SWORE there was something in the water (I thought I was crazy)- after asking I learned they put cucumber in their water! 

I thought to myself..this is a good way to get all of your water in for the day! 

So I tried it at home:
Pitcher: $3.00 at Walmart
Cucumbers: .32 cents at Walmart 
5 Minute preparation 

Recommendation: Do not drink the water until it is cold and has been prepared for about an hour (helps with the flavor) 

I even had my roommate (who I am determined to get to be a little bit healthier in the house…) try this water!

Seems like a success!!! 

I’m now obsessed and am bringing it to work!  

I learned that there are also other combinations like pineapple, strawberry and apple! Makes trying different types of water fun. 

Today….get a little bit of more water in than yesterday! 

Have a good day!

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