Choose to be positive

I think that especially as we get into the middle of Winter (and I personally see myself in the mirror as a very pale dark headed woman) it’s hard to NOT be critical of ourselves. 

I saw this on Livestrong, a regular blogger named Susy- here are some excerpts from her Choose to be Positive Entry: 

“So what am I thinking about? Am I comparing myself to the woman next to me at the gym? To an A-list celebrity? To the way I looked for felt last week or month? Am I accepting or judging? Am I motivating or discouraging? Am I positive or negative? All of these ongoing, persistent thoughts shape me in this moment. My point is that we decide how we want to experience life.” 


“….And here is a curious thought, why is it so easy for us to have compassion and love for other people, yet be so critical to ourselves?”


 have a discouraging thought about my body… Stop! Swap Thoughts: Be grateful that I am able to move and exercise; many people do not have the ability.” 

So I’m taking a step to try and stop being so critical about myself. 


– I have air in my lungs

– I can run 6 miles at a time

– I have an amazing family

– I have amazing friends 

– And I have HEALTH. 

This task is difficult…and I know I’m going to need a lot of help- but we need to think moreso about our health inside than what we look at on the outside. Think about what you have- and let’s challenge ourselves to not be as critical as we are. 

Read more here of Susy’s positive changes here. 

Today..I ask- choose to be positive and give yourself a break.  Go to the gym, get outside, do some crunches for YOU and YOUR HEALTH- not for the Jennifer Aniston body we all want. 

Good luck! 

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