Tone Your Legs- Short season is coming!

A coworker and supporter of CCC has sent in a request! (Thank you to her!) 

Question: What can I do to get better toned legs? 

Well…first and foremost- it depends on which part of the leg you would like to tone.  I’m assuming that (because this is something I deal with on a daily basis- many ladies are worried about image of their thighs(quads and hams)- these are the toughest muscles to strengthen and it takes time- but if you commit to these exercises 3 times a week you’ll see a difference by spring time for the beginning of short season!

It’s never too early to start!  

Some things to know: 
1- Lose Fat First, Tone Next 
It’s like eating a banana, you need to peel the banana first before you eat the banana– you need to lose the body fat in the thigh to tone the thigh 

2- It takes time 
Do not expect results immediately because of Step #1.  I really like what Real Women Fitness say’s “So, from the very outset you should approach your leg toning like your health; do it for the long term.” 

1- Jump Squats
Start with jump squarts. They elevate your heart rate to help lose fat and also help with other parts of the body including abs and your entire lower body. 

2- Sprints
Everyone hates them…but they help to burn fat (Things to Know #1) and tone legs much faster than stand alone exercises.  Doing 5 30 second sprints to start will get you to toned legs much faster than no sprints at all. 

3- Weighted Squats 
Be sure to have your form right before you move to weighted squats! Adding resistance helps to tone quicker…but be sure to be comfortable with your squat (chest up, back straight, knees NOT going over your toes!) before moving on with weights 

4- Step Ups 
Start on a stair, coffee table, or step with both feet on the highest level.  Slowly move your right leg down to the group/next level, holding as you move forward for a 5 count) 

5- Burpies 
Everyone hates burpies…but this is another all around great cardiovascular exercise and excellent toning for the legs. 

6- Lunges 
Basic Lunges help to tone those quadriceps faster.  If Lunges are very easy for you, add weight for more resistance.  

I recommend doing these exercises in a Tabata Format (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 8 times). You have 6 exercises here- therefore alternating between the first exercise (1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6) you have three tabatas! GREAT cardio workout and GREAT toning for the legs- this workout should take you 14-16 minutes only! 

Happy Toning! 

Ps: If you would like some advice/have a question you would like some help- feel free to send requests to! Your requests are appreciated and WILL be featured on CCC! 

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