Frog Push Ups- Worth the Burn

What a day…Thursday’s are always very hectic starting wtih 6AM bootcamp.  I learned this from my famous Hawaii Bootcamp- great exercise for a commercial break or a final burnout at the end of your workout today! Another famous Jillian Michael’s exercise but WORTH your time. 

Name: Frog Pushups
How to:
1. Place both hands and feet in a table top position on a mat or carpet surface (make sure you have some type of protection underneath your knees!) 

Note: Your shoulders should be in line with your hands.  (Shoulder Width Apart 

2. Lift off of your knees so that your hands and the balls of your feet are supporting you only. 

3. Then in a push up movement, move your body down ensuring your chest is going directly towards your hands and your knees are NOT touching the ground. 

Do this exercise for 30 seconds, 3 times with a 30 second rest in between 

Challenge: Use Tabata intervals: 20 seconds frog push ups, 10 second rest (8 times) 

This exercise not only helps with core strength, shoulder definition and arm strength but when moving in an interval/Tabata fashion it is better than running a 10 minute mile pace to torch your calories! 

Good luck!

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