Sunday Funday- Torching Calories while Checking Off To-Dos!

Everyone knows how precious my Saturdays are…but my Sundays no one can own! 

I’ve been known to enjoy a cup of coffee and…my guilty pleasure…read up on my wedding blogs.  (It’s the photography and the stories that get me!!) 

The other Sunday activity…is cleaning the house.  I think of it as a ritual to get yourself ready for the week I guess…but it always ends up being on Sunday when I hunker down, tie the hair up, blast the music and get the swiffer out. 

Adnd on a cold Sunday like this…it always make me think about how much work I’m really doing to clean the house. Always remember…anything is better than being sedentary (although we always need a little bit of rest!) See what your Sunday Chores add up to: 

Light Dusting, Straightening Up, Changing Linen, Carrying Out Trash: 170 Calories

Making the Bed: 136 calories per hour 

Putting Away Groceries: 170 calories per hour 

Vacuumming: 238 Calories per hour 

Food Shopping with or without a grocery cart: 156 calories per hour

What does this mean? Cleaning your house is worth it! 🙂 

While researching…I found a great housecleaning calculator where you can calculate exactly how many calories you burned during your “Sunday rituals” 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Music Monday – I’ve got a good one for tomorrow! 

*Note 150 pound calculation
For more Calculations visit Calorie Count 

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