The Busy (But Super) Woman Session- Day 1

The Busy (But Super)Woman Session! 

One of my proud accomplishments is the ability to plan.  In high school my wonderful friends used to call me the “XXXX” planner.  I smile at that now 🙂

my boss.. 

It’s hard to plan your meals, exercise, go to work, make sure you read a lot, take some relaxing time…oh and don’t forget to keep the house cleaned, dog walked, etc.

No matter what situation you are in- I recommend going through a “Sunday planning session” to get you ready for the week.

The next week we’ll go through my planning session including recipes, snack items and workouts.  All you need to do is:

1- Keep coming back every day to read what’s next


This isn’t just to help you eat healthier and exercise- it’s to help you get organized so you are better prepared and not stressing about the important stuff!

Goodluck and Let’s get going!

Tackle the Grocery List:
Here’s my go to that’s going to get me four delicious and healthy meals with just a few ingredients!
Note: I have these ingredients thinking of one person (I am single now!) So mom’s and dad’s…make sure to double your list! 

1- Whole Wheat pitas (Found in the bakery department)
2-  Whole Wheat Tortillas
3- Shredded Cheddar Cheese (Low Fat)
4- Shredded Mozzerella Cheese (Low Fat)
5- Two Zucchinis
6- Red Pepper (whole or chopped)
7- Cucumbers (for snack!)
8- Tomatoes (Romain) 4-5 count
8- Can of LOW SODIUM Black Beans
9- Fat Free Sour Cream (It doesn’t taste bad!)
10- Guacamole (I recommend the 100 calorie Wholy Moly packs!)
11- Salsa
12- Jennie- O Fresh Ground Turkey Meat (Don’t go for the frozen kind..too much sodium, go fresh!)
13- Box of Whole Wheat Pasta (If whole wheat kills you, go for Rozoni Fresh Vegetable with Protein)
14- Jar of Tomato Sauce (your choice on kind- I recommend vegetable!)
15- Bag of Grilled Ready Chicken Breasts (Always great to have in the freezer!) 

Here’s the menu:
1- Mexican Pita Slices (Biggest Loser Edition)
2- Italian Pita Pizzas
3- Mexican Burritos (Biggest Loser Edition)
4- Spaghetti with Turkey Meat
5- Bonus (if you don’t get tired of pasta) Vegetable Pasta

First Dish:
Pre heat oven to 350 Degrees and prepare all of your ingredients: 

1- To a pita, add cheddar cheese, chopped red pepper (just a few slices of red pepper, you don’t want to over do it!), and black beans (your choice on amount)

2- Grill the chicken (I prefer using the grilled chicken all ready for me since Monday’s are busy days.  It’s easy. Take a chicken breast, place into the microwave for 2 minutes and viola! 

3- Cut the chicken into smaller pieces and add to the pita. 

4- Place the pita into the over at 350 Degrees for about 7-10 minutes. 10 Minutes= crispy pita. 

5- Once the pita has cooled, add salsa and guacamole at your discretion. 

6- Cut the pita into 4 slices (like a pizza) and enjoy! 

This dish literally takes 10 minutes to prepare! So easy for a busy night! 

And don’t forget our workout….
Today I challenge you to an easy 10 minute floor workout 
1- 10 Pushups
2- 30 seconds Mountain Climbers
1- 100 Sit Ups (YES…you CAN do this) 
2- 30 seconds Mountain Climbers 
1- 100 Squats (50/rest/50) FAST 
2- 30 seconds Mountain Climbers 

PS: On Monday’s I do a 20 minute floor workout/cardio 20 minutes and then start my day.  At the end of the day I have started a yoga workout that I will share more about next week! Yoga is GREAT for a hectic Monday night. 

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