The Busy (But Super) Woman Session- 3

The Busy (But Super) Woman Session- 2

Happy Thursday! And HAPPY Ground Hog Day! 

So you cooked the Pita dishes…now let’s get some burritos going.  

Today’s menu: Mexican Burritos (featured in the Biggest Loser Cookbook) 

1- Cook your turkey meat on medium heat (no spices) until meat is brown (I hope this is obvious!) 

2- While this is cooking, prepare your zucchini.  My best friend taught me how to make zucchini which is now MY FAVORITE vegetable. Very easy- cut into 4, add to a sauce pan with a drip of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Brown it to your discretion. 

3- While zucchini and meat is cooking prepare your tortilla with red pepper (sliced from two days ago’s Mexican Pita pizzas) and black beans (also from two days ago!) 

4-  Once the meat and zucchini are ready add these to your tortilla with (my treat!) sour cream! Other recommendations are salsa and a 100 calorie pack guac! 

5- Serve it and enjoy! 

Note: The tortilla is hard to keep together so make sure to have a fork and napkin ready! 

Don’t forget your workout! 
20 minutes of cardio to get your heart rate going! 

Have a great day!

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