Lunch Tips for Busy Goers- Cucumber Salad

I think that to live a healthy lifestlye- your nutrition needs to be adapted to your lifestyle in ways that fit the nutritional guidelines. 

I am a person of habit and have just learned I have a dominant personality (meaning I don’t like to take time on small things (in my opinion like cooking a lunch!)) therefore, I have many many habits to keep me consistent and healthy for every lunch. 

Some of my friends laugh about what I eat every day for lunch, but normally I eat lunch at my desk and don’t have time in the morning to cook a full blown lunch menu.  I plan everything on Sunday’s and usually have it ready for preparation at the office on Monday Morning. 

One of my Sunday rituals is preparing Cucumber Salad.  I’ll never forget my Aunt Ronnie who always made Cucumber Salad- I swore I would eat the whole container before any of her guests ever got there for the event 🙂  It’s very easy to prepare, tastes delicious and get’s you a check mark for a vegetable for the day! 

It’s very easy to prepare and so easy to snag in the mornings from your fridge 

All you need is: 
– Two Cucumbers: $.36-$.99 a cucumber 
– Four Tomatoes (I prefer romain) $2.00 a pound
– Fat Free Zesty Italian Dressing ($.2.38 if you purchase generic) 
– Plastic Containers/Ziploc Containers ($5-6) 

1. Cut the cucumbers and tomatoes at your preference. (I like cucumbers thinly sliced and peeled and tomatoes cut into fours).  Evenly space them into the containers you will be using for the week. 

2. Pour in the dressing 

3. Set in the fridge for easy pick up in the morning before you leave! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

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