Fitness Friends- Find one!

Happy Sunday! Long post but this one is important! 🙂 

One of the initial beliefs I had in friend fitness was  “Hawaii Bootcamp” (a graduation gift to me from my best friend).  Erin is a retired college athlete and can really kick your ass if you aren’t working plus…we all know intimidation when with an athlete!  The good thing with us is that when one person was tired the other wasn’t and we would force each other into the gym.  We started a program with a goal- to look good for Hawaii.  It was a great decision…there were no scales, measurements, etc.  Just a dedicated goal to workout as much as we could. When we landed in Hawaii we were very excited to have met our goal! 

While in the Outerbanks…we found our own gym doing
 mountain climbers!

recommend everyone find a workout buddy- whether it’s a significant other, friend, family member, neighbor, etc.  It is much easier and makes you accountable! 
However..for me, it took everything I had to ask someone if they wanted to work out together.  I always thought I was annoying asking everyone and anyone and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with someone else.  My advice to you when trying to find a workout friend: DO IT….why? Because:

  1. Studies show that you will work 23% harder if you have a friend with you pushing you! 
  2. You’ll be accountable to keep up your workout dates- if you cancel your friend will not be getting his/her workout in either..
  3. Having to schedule workout dates means that you will schedule yours- making health and fitness a priority in your life- which will ultimately make you feel better!!! 
  4. It’s fun and will be rare to be bored! 

Okay…so it’s nerve racking to ask someone to workout with you. Here’s some of the tips I have on finding a workout buddy: 

  1. Ask anyone– I started a workout club after work with my co workers to practice some of my bootcamp routines.  The ladies of the office loved the idea- I would have never known if I didn’t ask! 
  2. Neighbors– if you are having a hard time getting to the gym, setting up a date with your neighbor so you can carpool helps the environment and keeps you accountable too! 
  3. Meetup—I never knew about this website but is actually a GREAT place to join workout clubs and programs. I was so shy when I went to a running club but realized when I got there that everyone was in the same boat as well- they all had to start out this way! Meetup has everything from Crossfit, Running Clubs, Jazzercise and Yoga groups— all for FREE to join (the classes may cost something!) 
  4. Try a class at your local gym– if someone is coming to the class by themselves they are probably looking for a workout buddy as well! 

Last tip of advice: Don’t worry about not being in shape, etc.  I have a running buddy (Shout out Kelly and Kristin!) who I was so nervous to run with because I knew shew as going to be so much faster than me….but then when we started running I realized that it was okay not to be as fast as her because she will help me! Thanks Kelly and Kristin! 

Find a workout buddy- it will really help! Even if you set a deadline- like…I want to workout for three months 5 times a week- do you want to try it with me? It makes it a goal with someone helping you along the way! 

Now…go find a buddy and get a workout in! 
PS: It’s Erin’s Birthday today! Happy Birthday to her!! 

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