Valentines Day- Why You Love Fitness

Ahh..Valentine’s Day.  

The day of chocolates, cards and romance.  I used to hate this holiday but then I realized how important it is to show people who much you love them.  

One of the loves I have is obviously for fitness….I think everyone should, for today, love fitness back. Here’s 5 reasons (and reminders) of why we love fitness compiled from many different google searches…this is the summary that gives you that reminder. 

  1. You have more confidence 
    1. It’s true…take a step each day and you will feel better about yourself. Guaranteed. 
  2. You  have more energy
    1. With your metabolism being trained, you are able to do more and feel like you are doing ALOT more.  
  3. You’re make it a priority which makes you organized
    1. When you schedule your fitness into your lifestyle of a daily basis, you start a schedule. When you start a schedule you feel and ARE more organized throughout your daily schedules.
  4. You can hit your goals  
    1. That’s the beauty of fitness. Once you have one goal and complete the goal then you can have 10 more you can add to your list.  (Remember reason #1) 
  5. You have HEALTH. 
    1. We all know that fitness is A result in good health which helps to prevent many many things like cancer, heart disease, sickness, depression, etc. 

Happy Valentines Day!

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