The Yoga Word.

Last week I posted about how I tried Yoga with a friend

As a cardio nut…I do not “get” yoga. But she asked me to go and I’ve been going for about 5 weeks now. I’m starting to really enjoy it. I tell her that it’s because of the lavender cold towel you get at the end- but at least I know it’s coming every time! 

I think that everyone should try yoga.  I’m not an expert at it but I’m learning that no matter what you do when you practice you close out the outside and are able to think of YOU.  Our lives are so forced with technology, communication, work, family, life that sometimes it’s really hard to take that inner moment.  

The best thing about the yogi is that they are very helpful and inviting so you can try it out, ask questions and talk to them (which I really do recommend!) 

There are lots of places to try out yoga…
1- Try for any yoga groups
2- Google Yoga studios in your area “yoga studios and your zip code” 
3- Check your gym’s group fitness schedule or local gyms that have group fitness. 

What you should know:

  1. Bring a Mat- I know how it feels to walk in blindly.  Luckily I had a mat from Hawaii Bootcamp so I was covered.  You can get a very inexpensive mat ($5-$9) at Walmart here
  2. Bring Water- Stay hydrated as some classes are HOT! 
  3. There will be stellar yogi’s in there– Get over it, some people have been practicing for years..but remember they are very welcoming 
  4. They don’t care if you are a flopping fish – Again…get over it- yoga is YOUR practice only. They aren’t worried if you fall over during crescent moon. They were there before! 
  5. TRY– The first few classes I went to it was impossible to get my head straight and stop thinking about the other things I had to do on my list.  Yoga is quiet…so this is almost impossible to not start making lists in your head.  Just listen to your instructor- when she tells you to let it all out…stop thinking and just try to let it all out! 
  6. Namaste is a yoga term- it has a meaning of greeting and “to be well” — You will hear this at the end of the class. Wish your instructor and students Namaste 

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