Fitness Friday

Make today…


This workout is one where I do if I don’t have that much time and I just want to get a sweat in.  It ends up I always add an additional 15 minutes to the workout because I just keep sweating. 

It’s very easy! 
15 Minute Cycles of Treadmill, Stairmaster, Cycle and Elliptical.  Just make sure to run 3-4 of the cycles.  Substitute any of these machines for any cardio available like rowing machine, etc. 

  • 15 Minutes Treadmill Run/Job– Warm up with a jog and then go for the run.  If you aren’t feeling it go to a hill climb and powerwalk 
  • 15 Minutes Stairmaster- The Sweat continues…Interval Training at 1 Minute High, 1 Minute low intensity for 15 minutes
  • 15 minutes of Cycle- I’m not the biggest fan of cycling…but I’ll add it to the combo to get those legs moving
  • 15 Minutes Elliptical- Keep some resistance on the elliptical while you are on it (recommended 5-6 resistance) 

Happy Friday! 

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