Focus on YOUR Goal

One of the most flattering moments I have had with my fitness movement happened last week when a very good friend asked me to run the Broad Street Run with her in May.

Needless to say, I am honored and will bust a move to get ready. 🙂 

It brings me to the big question….what is your goal? 

My friend wants to get into shape, she doesn’t want to lose weight (highly recommend this philosophy!) and that’s why she signed up for Broad Street.  It’s her goal- finish the run to get in shape. 

I looked up the definition of goal in the dictionary: 


  [gohl]  Show IPA



the result or achievement toward which effort is directed;aim; end.

the terminal point in a race.

Hmm…the terminal point in a race? How ironic.. 

I started a new goal (which all of coworkers at the office know of..) INSANITY.  It’s one of those programs where I hear all about it but have finally decided, hey…give my legs a break and let’s try it. The running bug is getting back to me though…

So what happens if you have too many goals? …decisions decisions- how do you determine your next goal?  How do you determine if the goal is the next best goal?  

I’ve realized that without goals you’ll never know your true achievement or result.   It’s okay to create a crazy goal (like insanity) or try something small like walking a mile- at least it’s a result or achievement (right from what the dictionary says) you need to aim at. 

Brings me to another question…why goals?
1- Without effort there is no result
2- Without results there is no effort 

Goals helped me get where I am and as you can see..I am adding EVEN MORE goals to my schedule day after day. 

You’ll never know if it was your next best goal if you don’t try it and you’ll never know if you achieved if you don’t create a goal. 

So I challenge you to think about your current goal and if you don’t have one…create one.  Big or small, 1 week or 10 weeks…create a goal and see what happens- when you set it.. your determination begins and your mindset molds to finishing THAT GOAL. 


PS:  Moving to March we will be featuring special people who have accomplished a goal themselves- to highlight their achievement and help you find your goal. 

My current goals: 

1- Finish Insanity…yikes. 
2- Run the Austin 10 Miler 
3- No matter what- either crossing the finish line with my good friend or be at the finish line for her.  

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