How much is too much?

So after my Goal post I received alot of comments about the amount of training I would be doing for these two ten milers along with finishing Insanity.

1- I don’t want to let my friends down
2- I love running
3- I needed a change. (I know- I love running but it’s just like the seasons!)

No worries here though- it’s something I have been VERY worried about knowing I had to tone down running because of the new twinges in my knees.

So as many of you know…I did some research 🙂

I found a great article from Runners World about a new program where moving strength training as your core workout and including running with help to strength your body and prepare for a long run better than your regular marathon training (usually 4-5 days running, 1 long run, 1 day rest) 

Bloggers Note: For Newbies to running, I personally do not recommend this plan- see tomorrow’s post on first timer 5kers for more info! 

1- Create your base 
Performing aerobic metabolism through sprinting and/or interval training (increasing your heart rate quickly with limited rest) will increase your overall fitness foundation. 
When you create your base aerobic fitness foundation you will be able to increase your intensity (Therefore allowing longer workouts and longer distances!) 

2- Build your Strength 
Averaging 10-20 minutes of strength training (they used examples like squats and kettle bell swings) will increase your strength, which obviously increasing the ability to have a better stride and run. “The more powerful your push-off, the less effort you exert with each stride, the easier fast running feels.” 

3- Put it together with a run.. 

Having your base, strength and adding your run into the program can help to decrease the amount of time on your clock and get you to the finish line easier. 

Runners World has a combination of this on their article…I’ve taken this and added my schedule to the mix to get ready for my ten milers coming up. So with’s my schedule:

Mondays: Morning Strength Workout/ Yoga Class
Tuesdays: Rest
Wednesdays: Morning Strength Workout/ 3 mile run
Thursdays: Morning Strength Workout
Fridays: Morning Strength Workout/ 1-2 mile tempo
Saturdays: Cardio Recovery (Yoga Poses and muscle stitches) with 1 Long Run increase mileage by 1 mile every week
Sundays: Strength Workout

Do we have any takers?? 


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