First Time 5ker?

If you are interested in signing up for a 5k for the first time, I know it can be very intimidating..,BUT congratulations on setting your mind to knowing you can possibly run a 5K!

Here are my top three tips on starting out. 

Reminder, in March check back often as we will be posting 5K training programs, stories, tips and advice to get you to cross the finish line!

1- Don’t set a time to finish. When I was training for my first 5K I had a mental time that I only told one person.  She knew I would get nervous and I made the mistake of wearing a watch to monitor our pace. Needless to say I almost got sick at the end of the race, not because of just being out of shape, but working myself into a panic because I wasn’t going to finish at my secret timed goal.

The first goal should always be to finish- this is my highest recommendation. You may not see this in other blogs, etc.  but putting a time to yourself could hurt your goal in the first place…to FINISH a 5K.

2- Know you can do it….3 miles sounds like a lot- but no one gave you a time to finish and no one is going to call you the turtle. Like my post on yogi’s, there will always be someone faster…but at least you are there to give it your best shot.

Approximately 100,000 people in the US finish a timed 5k for the first time- this can be you! 

3- Don’t jump right in. Your body and muscles need time to adjust to your new regimen.  If you start off running a full out sprint your muscles will not know how to react therefore increasing your risk for injury.

How to Search for a 5k in your area
There are lots of 5K races nationwide and it’s very easy to find them!
1- has a great search engine to find road races around you by zip code and state
2- very similar to but has more races!
3- Easy google search “5K Races-

Good luck!

PS: Want to try a 5k for the first time? Chocolate Covered Crunches wants to follow your journey! Please e-mail for more info!

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