The 8 Ounce Challenge

From yesterday’s post, you now know how important water is to a healthy lifestyle. So here’s a confession: I’m not a fan of water…I need some flavor and sometimes it is just not what I want to quench the thirst. 

I was in a doctors appointment flipping through an OK Magazine and read some quick health tips from celebrities. Eva Longoria’s tip struct me as a bit of a resolution to make: “I drink a glass of water with breakfast no matter what, 8 ounces to start the day.

Hmm…that’s sounds pretty easy and make sense. 

So this week I challenged myself to drink a glass of water every day before or with breakfast. 

Monday: (I have a two story town home) Walked downstairs and grabbed a glass- as I was getting ready I walked around with the glass and wouldn’t get into the shower until I finished it. (EASY!) 

Tuesday: (I have a 6AM Bootcamp class) Water is easy at this time…I drink a whole bottle of water during my workout, so I consider this complete! 

Wednesday: I forgot to go get my glass before my shower, so I took my glass with me while walking Phin in the morning.  I wouldn’t go back to the house until I finished it (Got my water in and Phin got a longer walk-perfect!) 

Thursday: (Bootcamp Class) EASY to drink the water before breakfast! 

Friday: Took Phin for a walk with my water..easy! 

Saturday: Drank the water after my cup of coffee…easy! 

As you can see…it’s been an easy process. The hardest thing is remembering to drink before breakfast! They say it takes 15 days to start a habit…let’s see how the next week goes! Come back for the final result and post with your tips on how to get water intake in during your day!

Have a good day!

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