5 Tips to Know to Start Running

During the month of March, as you know, I’m training for my birthday present…a 10 mile run in Austin, TX with my best friend.  Happy 24th to me 🙂 

When my friends were here this pas weekend, we were all hanging around during coffee talk discussing  many things including running.  

I remember (now about three years ago) that I was so nervous to walk into Run for Your Life Charlotte…I felt like I didn’t fit in because I didn’t have the runners body, didn’t even know the first step to monitoring my pace let alone having the feeling of crossing the finish line.  Here’s some quick tips to help you learn about running to make you feel more confident when you hit the pavement. 

1. The Running Community is friendly 
I’ve never met such wonderful people, the running community is supportive and understands that running is an independent sport which is 80% mental and 20% physical.  They will be nothing but supportive to you and your goals however small or big you think your personal goals are. 

2. Every city has a running store 
Google….most cities have a “Run for your Life” or a Sporting store dedicated to running…google one and don’t be afraid to go visit…(See number 1) 

3. Running isn’t easy for the Hal Higdon (marathon extraordinaire) to the person who took a jog around the block.  Just like increasing the amount of push ups or the amount of weight to lift- you’ll continue to challenge and make every session something to accomplish. 

4. Good numbers to know: 
5k= 3.1 Miles
10k= 6.1 Miles
Half Marathon= 13.1 Miles
Marathon= 26.2 Miles 

5. There’s no real answer to running. 
All of the professionals have their own training, running and eating techniques.  If there was an answer to how we all could perfectly run and feel comfortable while running…I think the streets would be crowded with runners on a daily basis. 

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