Everyone has a dislike.

They say that when you blog you are allowed to rant and rave about things…I saw this post from my aunt (see her blog here) and it made me realize that I can say what I want to say! 🙂 

Taking the opposite approach- here are some of the things that I dislike to do. 

For every time I run up a hill…I can’t stand how slow I am 
Gravity is my enemy.  There’s this hill on the street I live on called Commonwealth.  It’s one of those gradual ones…it makes your legs WORK. 

In and Outs 
Do you know what these are? Try a plank position and then move your feet in and then push them out for 60 seconds.  No fun…but lots of calorie burning. 

Ride the Bike 
The way my knees and legs burn on that bike makes me try and stay as far away from a bike as possible.  

But…why as an advocate of health would I show you my dislikes of fitness?!? 

Everyone has their dislikes…just like food.  It’s not like everyone loves Brussels sprouts or asparagus. I think that as long as you try anything then you can say that you dislike something.  And if you dislike something and are pushed to continue… When you get through it…it makes your day so much better. 

I challenge you to try something that you dislike today (in fitness!) while you are pushing through remember that it’s only for a certain amount of time and will be over soon…with a feeling at the end of confidence! 

Have a great day! 

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