CCC’s Coach Corner- Dan’s Three Tips

Yesterday you met Dan Bucherer… today he’s a coach for CCC! 

Whether you are a first time runner, running a marathon, or joining a gym- these three tips can help you complete any goal you may have! 

What would be your 3 tips to cross the finish line? 

1- Get out the door every day. Every single day. Every day. It’s important to rest on your rest days, but what can you do to forward your progress on those days as well; stretch? ab work? Work constantly.

2- Constantly test yourself: By looking at my schedule of races you can see that I ran a 5k, a 10k, a half, and then the full. In this way I am constantly evaluating my performance and if the training was working. I found once or twice that it wasn’t. sometimes it was progressing to quickly. Other times, to slowly. Change and adapt.

3- Find your support team: As i said above, you can’t do it alone. You will have trained and run on your own perhaps, but share this experience with others! They’re help, love and support will enrich your experience and they will get a sense of gratification from helping you achieve your goal.  

Want more of Dan? Check out Dan’s story here! Thank you Dan for your support!

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