Chasing your Dreams

Another thought post…it’s been a crazy week! 

I couldn’t go without mentioning my love for basketball (especially with the official end of the season). It wouldn’t have been possible without Erin, the TEAMS and the TEAM Members that I worked for that made me love everything about it.  Now..don’t get me wrong- I am NOT a basketball player and am STILL learning the strategy of the game.  But…I love watching it and how the teams work together. It is something that I believe everyone should have with their healthy lifestyles as well- (our friend Dan Bucherer also recommends this too!

One of the women’s basketball icons I have had the honor of meeting and I consider a huge role model to me is Coach Karen Aston. She was announced as the Head Women’s Basketball Coach yesterday for the University of Texas.  A dream that she has has for a long time which came true. 

Pretty awesome to see that happen yesterday, it motivates and reminds me to go after my dreams.  I figured that today was the day for some of that motivation I found to share with you all. 

“Big dreams …start inside…take courage…involve effort…include mistakes…build character…are ACHIEVABLE.” 

Congratulations Coach! You inspire us all! 
Have a great day! 

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