Three T’s

I figured it would be fun to post a 3 T’s…Thought- Tip- Todo…Happy Friday!!! 
Last night at Happy Hour (Yes…I enjoy a good margarita once in a while) a coworker and friend told me that she had “gotten back on the horse” and started running again. Yay! 
I KNOW it’s tough to get back on the horse. Lately I’ve been having some bad workouts (remember last week when I couldn’t get a workout in?) and this week they just have been terrible- from terrible cramps to no time; it was either that I didn’t have the time or when I did have the time it was terrible! 
So…today (hopefully most of you have off) I hope you get a good workout in just like I’m about to do. Like my coworker, we all just need to get on the horse- fight through the tough and become tougher.  (I sound like such a machine..) 
From my motivation posts you can see I’m obsessed with Pinterest Fitness section…check out this morning’s find: 

Can’t get back on the horse?  If you aren’t a fitness junkie and need some motivation…put on your FAVORITE song (Ifyou don’t have a favorite check out any of the Music MondaySelections) and listen to it twice, on the third time…walk/jog.  I bet you it will make you want to move! 
Letting “loose” and not planning something is difficult to do…BUT we all should try it especially this holiday weekend. This means…if you want the Cadbury Egg, eat one…and don’t punish yourself for it. 
Happy Friday!!! 
PS: Alot of my posts have been about motivation lately and some of my thoughts on my workouts…I hope you don’t mind! If you do, please let me know and send some suggestions on what you want to hear at 

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