The Peak Week Syndrome

Some of our regular readers have mentioned their “tough” weeks of training. Knowing the amount of races in April all over the country (and Boston coming up) there is always a lot of talk in getting over the hard weeks of training.. it can be tough! Some athletes call these the peak weeks.. 
What are these peak weeks? 
When you are training for an endurance event there is a “peak week” where you run/train the mileage or amount that you will compete at PLUS more.  It’s some of the toughest weeks because its maximum training at the point of exhaustion because you are working ten times more. Peak weeks are the end of the “hard training” it gets your body ready to complete the event.
A friend who is training for a 10 miler coming up texted me about the peak week she’s having. Trust me, all runners, tri athletes, cyclists, athletes, etc. have the same feeling…it’s not fun.  I reminded her of a few things: 
1- Did you survive? Even if it’s difficult to walk/keep up/exhausted…your two feet are still attached right? (This means you’re going to make it) 
2- Remind, Remind, Remind…this is your peak week! It’s physically tough which tries to get you mentally…keep your head up. 
3- Treat yourself if you survived (see #1)…a coworker gave me a nutrition pamphlet which I keep reviewing… it says, “Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to that cookie or ice cream.  It’s okay to treat yourself to the accomplishment.” 
Remember- just finishing the finish line is amazing feat, but as you cross it (especially if it’s your first time) you’ll be running through in your head all of the hard work it took you to get there, not the crossing of it! 

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