5 Reasons for Push Ups

Pushups are not fun, they are HARD (for everyone)….but I really think there should be a motto..
“Do one push up a day and soon you’ll WANT to do two…and then three…and then soon- you’ll be able to PUSH UP whenever you want because you’ll WANT to.” 
You know me and lists..here’s my top 5 reasons why we should all do a push up today: 
1- You don’t need any equipment. 
2- It works a ton of muscles in one sitting…here’s to name a few: anterior and medial deltoids, triceps, pectoralis major (and minor!), quadriceps, GLUTES :), and more… 
3- Pushups also help your core (So much better than sitting in your sit ups…in my opinion!) 
4- There are so many variations…frog, plank, pull, pace…tons of options! 
5- You can do a push up anywhere!! 
Today’s challenge- wherever you are, whatever you are doing..make sure you do ONE push up..you have 5 reasons why you should. 

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