Texas won…Jamie none.

so… Here I am…with battle wounds 🙂 
As you can probably tell I did not post my results on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. and this is because… I didn’t get to run in a race.
So here’s the story, you are allowed to laugh, and sarcastically snicker at the story and my life.  
My friends always call me the unlucky one or they may not say unlucky but they always the that my life is that air. This is so true. On Friday morning after I had arrived in Dallas on Thursday night, I had gotten a terrible phone call from work, and unfortunately had to work on my vacation day and then sat nervously as we drove to Austin the entire time. Luckily, my coworkers are awesome and were able to fix the issue by midafternoon, and I was able to enjoy a birthday cocktail.
Well… After some birthday cocktails, a great Mexican dinner, and a night out on the town we sleepily went back to out hotel room where after the lights were turned out I unfortunately tripped over a bag and fell right onto my thumb.  

After attempting to try to put it back into place because it was obviously dislocated, Erin demanded that we go to the emergency room where another three hours of pulling and prodding to put into place didn’t work. I was rushed in for emergency surgery to put the thumb back into place. after no sleep, and learning that I was not to run on Sunday… My weekend in Austin changed a bit.  

At first, I was very upset. I mean seriously, I trained for weeks for this race. If you have trained for race you know that it’s pretty serious and it’s the hardest part of actually running in a race… But I have to say now that the hardest part is knowing that you can’t finish.
I think what this experience taught me was that I need to appreciate the training and the fact that I can train.  I can tell you right now, I am appreciating that fact even more and wish I could train for hours and hours compared to just sitting around waiting for a thumb to heal. 
So… For today, appreciate the fact that you can train, that you can walk, that you can run, that you can swim, that you can do a push-up, that you can move.  
The recovery should be a fun one, I promise to blog now that I have wonderful dictation software to help me! I look forward to blogging and supporting those who are able to race and exercise better than me right now!
Happy Sunday!

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