Music Monday RECAP!

Everyone needs a pick me up to get themselves back into the groove for the week that’s why I love Music Monday.  

Music Monday’s mission it to get you something good to listen to to get you motivated to finish your workout! 

After reviewing some of my Music Monday choices…I noticed that some of my choices are now on the Top 10 of the Billboard List…so I thought it appropriate to give you those choices, make you download them and get moving! 
Great song…good beat and they are from Europe! 
Goodness…I love this song! 
Love these Lyrics… 
A while back I mentioned a great band called the Daylights.  I’ve been following them on Twitter and recently listened to their album. GREAT weight lifting music… Click here for my recommendation…I hope This Gets To You- great song and such a good story!!

Happy Monday!

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