Coach’s Corner- Meet Traci McCombs

Preparation is the motivation you will need on race day.
– Traci McCombs 
Traci McCombs is a great friend of mine and is an inspiration every day.  A former college basketball athlete,Traci has traded court length sprints for long distance running- quite a different endeavor! She’s currently moving from Hawaii to her new home in DC with her husband and while moving gave Chocolate Covered Crunches her Coach’s Corner. 
Races/Goals Completed: 
Gunstock Half Marathon, North Shore, Hawaii
Cure for Aids Marathon, Honolulu, Hawaii
5k Remembrance Run, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
April 1st: Wahine Diva-Half Marathon, Honolulu, Hawaii
TBD: North Shore Marathon, Waimea, Hawaii
Your Motto: Get up early and get it done.
Why did you decide to start training? It is an easy way to relieve stress and feel a sense of accomplishment at the same time. It allows you a break from the world, almost like meditation. 
Did you think you “weren’t going to make it”?
Hawaii Diva Half Marathon
Before the marathon I hurt my foot and was forced to rest for two weeks. I didn’t think I would be able to run because that was at the peak of my training. I cautiously lowered my mile time the last few weeks of training and was able to finish the marathon. During the marathon, mile 20 was the hardest. I definitely hit a wall and was upset about the final hill knowing I would not be able to finish the whole thing at a jogging pace. I decided to change my goal from a certain time to just finishing, which helped me through the last few miles. I ended up jogging the last two miles in and was very proud to finish, no matter what the time said. 
How did you get to the finish line? What kept you going during your training?
I got to the finish line by blocking out the word “quit.” You cannot allow that word to be in your vocabulary. I listened to my body, understood I needed to cool down, but that didn’t mean I was a failure. It meant a new way to pursue the finish line. The best thing you can do is trust in your preparation. Preparation is the motivation you will need on race day.
What was your first thought after crossing the finish line?
“That wasn’t so bad? Was it? I actually think I like this!”
After completing your marathon, would you ever regret what you did?
Never, it’s an accomplishment unlike any I have felt before because it’s so much more than the actually race day. It was your choice to say, “I am going to do this” and actually get it done.

Come back tomorrow for Traci’s three tips! Thank you Traci for your constant support and motivation!!

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