Fitness tool review – Bob Harper online

I don’t usually like to be negative about fitness tools. But I think that being in the membership world professionally, this tool didn’t help me. Bob Harper, created in online fitness membership program with benefits including recipes, circuit training, discussion forums and live fitness routines incorporating cross. Interval training, which launched last month.
I’ve tried it for a month and have not seen a lot of the benefits that they advertise. I think maybe it’s because I keep forgetting I have a membership ( there are no online notifications to your e-mail but new workouts are available) and when I go online there is no live workouts and it’s not even an online workout something you print out. In my opinion it’s more work, then going to the gym.
I think for some people it can definitely work, the membership is only $9.95 a month, however for me who enjoys group fitness and a team atmosphere, it didn’t make the cut.
No matter, I love Bob Harper! And hopefully with these comments and some of the survey said they will do to their customers it will, better program and I will subscribe again!
Here are some of the benefits and the negatives:
  1. Pvt. login which is secure
  2. customized to what your goals are
  3. interesting recipes
  1. no online notifications for live workouts
  2. the recipes are not always easy and incorporate each diet for example vegan versus vegetarian
  3. the workouts are printable and not with Bob Harper’s motivational yelling. 🙂 
If you like quick on the go workouts and interesting recipes to try, then I would recommend it if not…
 Let’s wait a few months and try it out again!

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