Motivation Friday

I love blogging (obviously) and I love seeing some AMAZING stories of strength and courage out there.  It blows out the water compared to a dislocated thumb. 
I recommend you check out an old high school friend of mine (her sister) and her blog- The .05% club – A Young Survivor’s JourneyThrough Breast Cancer at 24. 
An athlete and fitness fanatic herself, she said in her comical post “Running with Boobs Off and a Trash Bag full ofhair” 
“Running has been the only thing in my life that has proven time and time again to keep me sane, even before breast cancer. It helps me release built up anxiety, allows me to sleep throughout the night, and keeps my energy levels up throughout the day (all of which have become personal battles now that Tamoxifen and multiple surgeries have been added to the mix). It gives me an hour to focus on nothing but breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. Most importantly it reminds me of being healthy, it makes me feel like the past year never happened to my body.”
It shows how much fitness can do for a person…just another reason why we should all take a step to become even just a little bit healthier. 
Rachel is a true survivor and an exceptional woman…take a look at her story- I promise it will motivate you as she did me. 
Happy Friday!

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