6 Easy Reasons to WALK

Yes!! Today I have my hand back and I’m super excited! How was everyone’s day? 
What I’ve been doing? Walking Mr. Phineas of course! I’ve also added a 10 squat counter to my Outlook which helped me to keep my legs strong and try to focus on the good things like:
1- I have two legs that work 
2- There’s someone out there that doesn’t have a thumb to look forward to seeing 
3- Some people don’t have access to exercise and health. 
4- Just keep walking…walking is GOOD for you. 
5- Stay positive. 
I think these past few weeks have been insane because of my injury and some big decisions I have had to make lately…it made me appreciate the ability to “walk it out.” It’s beautiful outside and its ince to take a few minutes and just breathe in the fresh air. It made me what to know how walking helps all of us, especially with even more sedentary lifestyles we see across America. I started researching the benefits of walking, especially since 
I’m a lady of quick tips…here’s 6 benefits of walking: 
1- It’s a diabetes eliminator – adds insulin! 
2- Improved Libido…yep- it’s true! 
3- Saves money on a gym membership! 
4- Lowers your blood pressure! 
5- Manages your weight
6- Improves your mood!
It’s too easy to go for a walk…I took a few minutes to look at some of the pictures in my files to see if I had any of me walking…I know to take more now…but look- you don’t realize when you’re walking how good it is for you- appreciate it and…. 

Now…go take a 10 minute walk!

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