Friday Fun Day!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I went home to see my friend EJ FINISH the Broad Street Run beautifully! I’m so proud of her.  She worked her butt off and it definitely paid off. She even said the words “half-marathon” afterwards!
It was so much fun to be a spectator at the Broad Street. Seeing 40,000 people run- happy and excited and so proud of themselves because of their accomplishments made me want to get into the race!
I found these great pieces on Pinterest (where else? ) Friday Fun Day for sure! These made me think about those people out there running, they overcame their fear and kept going. 
Today I’m getting over my fear and going for it- I hope that you all conquer a fear of yours. 
Happy Friday! 
keep trying..
and I believe it's working!

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