5 Goals a Week- Sounds easy?

Blogging for a passion really gets you into the dark of the WWW. 
I found this blog called 5goalsaweek.com…interesting concept, here’s a snapshot: 
5 goals, 1 week is for those with ambition. For those with a dream. For those with random bursts of drive and energy but often lack the ruthless focus necessary to move from the conception of an idea (which occurs in the mind) to its execution (which unfolds in the physical world). It’s also for those that haven’t quite figured out what they want to do (that can be your first vision goal “Figure out what I want to do”) It’s for those who want to see quantifiable progress in their life, rather than being acquiesced by the nebulous “feeling”  that things are improving. 
The goals are financial, spiritual, fitness, professional and vision…I thought to myself that it was a simple concept (kind of like my drink a glass of water in the morning concept?)…so here it goes: 
1- Financial…I’m in the process of finishing up the payment of my credit card (SO excited!) but I had work expenses that I keep forgetting to expense- getting that off my plate and paying it off will be an awesome feeling. 
2- Spiritual…Prayer is something normal to me, but praying in a church is not.  I’m going to go light a candle this week and pray within a church (sorry to get religious but that’s the 5goalsaweek!)
3- Fitness…this one is tough right now, but my fitness goal is to run 4 times this week (tough because I have my annual event this week)
4- Professional…I’ve been getting frustrated at work because I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done.  I think this week I’m going to do so research on my field, just because it’s important and I never put it on my list. 
5- Vision…oh boy.  Vision for me expands to twenty different sectors of the planet- but I think I’m going to go ahead and study for 2 hours this week on MBA/GMAT testing…it’s in my vision and I want it so why not start? 
Try it out this week…I don’t think this is too hard- let me know how it works for you! 

For more information on 5goalsaweek.com, please click here. 

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