MapMyRun and MapMyFitness Review

Have you heard of MayMyRun or MapMyFitness? They are a new application that has skyrocketed in the app world.  They now have over 7.2 million users, a store including programs for your training and GREAT features personalized with your likes and dislikes, here are there current programs: 

I REALLY recommend you download the app..because it’s free and can really motivate you to track your progress to see your improvements. 
Here’s why I like it: 
1- Very accurate pace calculator by geolocation 
2- Stores your runs and routes so you can remember later on! 
3- Gives you marathon running programs
4- Provides altitude calculators…no other app can do this as accurate as this one! 

The application is only available for Android or iPod Touch/iPhones but is very worth it!

Don’t have an iPod Touch of iPhone? Click here for a great deal from on an Apple 8GB Black 4th Generation iPod Touch – MC540LL/A  — 8GB but that’s all I need!

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