CCC Coach- Meet Andrea Brooks

Andrea found Chocolate Covered Crunches as she was training for her first 5k! Andrea took the 5k challenge after losing 30 pounds! 

We all have the power to take control of our lives and become the person we want to be.
 – Andrea Brooks 



Races: Hunger 5k (Philadelphia): 25:58 

Currently Training: Pedals for Promise, ODDyssey Half Marathon, The Color Run, Livestrong Challenge Philly, and 20 Riders 20 Dreams.
Your Motto:  
“You’re just one workout away from a good mood.”  When I don’t want to run it’s because I’m tired, grumpy, or lazy.  I know that if I run when I come back I’ll be happy, energized, and ready to take over the world.  So why WOULDN’T I run?!  Nothing makes me happier than a good run.  I feel so powerful.  If you see a sweaty girl in the city with a silly smile across her face, that’s me, I just finished running!
Why did you decide to start training? 
I had a pretty difficult summer.  In December 2011 I started checking out MyFitnessPal and decided I was ready to try losing weight and being healthier and come out of my dark place.  I had tried to run so many times before but I stopped because I would get so out of breath, my shins would hurt, I just didn’t have the energy – you name it.  I was confiding in a friend on gchat – who eventually became my coach – that I was getting ready to embark on a health journey.  She suggested running.  I said, I wish! I’ve tried so many times before and failed.  I said, “I just can’t run.  But I would love to be a runner.  I’ve always wanted to be one.”  She said why don’t you pick a 5K and work towards it? I said okay, and picked the Hunger 5K because it was on my Grandmom’s birthday, April 14th, and it would mean more to me.  I never thought I was going to actually run in it when I registered for it that day.  I did a 30 day strength training program at home to build up some muscles before I set out and started my one mile runs.  That 30 day strength training program gave me the confidence I needed to hit the pavement.  I mapped a path and stuck to it.  I increased mileage appropriately and kept organized with my goals in mind.
How did you get to the start line? What kept you going during your training? 
I have always wanted to be a runner.  I tell myself it’s time to BE a runner.  No more excuses.  I kept reminding myself how badly I want this and I can have it, if I keep going and don’t give up.  I read tons of fitness and running blogs and sign on to countless forums.  I look to them for motivation and also to process through my humps or roadblocks.  The running community is so supportive!
What was your first thought after crossing the finish line?  
I DID IT!!! WAIT, MY TIME WAS WHAT?! When my roommate and I left the house that morning I was freaking out.  I didn’t think I would be able to finish.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.  I actually DID it!  And, I shocked myself with my time.  All the training does pay off!  My boyfriend and Aunt came to support me.  When I saw their smiles at the finish line, I lost it.  I’ve never felt anything so invigorating! 
After completing your race/goal, would you ever regret what you did? 
NEVER.  I call myself Andrea 2.0 now.  I’m healthier, happier, fit … the list is endless.  When I started my health journey, I started with a few small changes.  I liked the results from those positive changes so I made some more.  It became addicting!  Before I knew it, I overhauled my whole life!  I love making positive changes and setting goals.  We all have the power to take control of our lives and become the person we want to be.

Congratulations to Andrea! We are so proud of her and are looking forward to her three tips tomorrow!

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