3 Tips from CCC Coach Andrea Brooks

Yesterday you met Andrea Brooks yesterday, click here for her amazing transformation and today…see her three tips. 

What would be your 3 tips to cross the finish line? 

1) Get a coach!  My coach has been my inspiration.  I text her after every run.  She knows every struggle I have and is always there when I need her with either a pat on the back, a shoulder to cry on, or a hug after the finish line.  She got me to sign up for the 5K in the first place! I’d never be here without her.

2) Take the time to do it right.  Get fitted for running shoes.  Learn about your running style.  Read, read, and read more! The more I invest in running the more dedicated and committed I am – and further I am from ever giving up.

3) Figure out why you want to cross that finish line.  Figure that out for yourself and what crossing that finish line means to you.  No one can make you do it and no one want take it away after you did it.  You CAN do it!

Congratulations to Andrea!! 

Want to be a CCC Coach? Email us at jamie@chocolatecoveredcrunches.com 

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