Update: 5 Goals a Recap

Remember my post from last week about my 5goalsaweek? 

Well..it wasn’t as easy as I thought- but I’m making myself accountable… here’s the recap and my next goals- how did yours work out?

1- Financial…I’m in the process of finishing up the payment of my credit card (SO excited!) but I had work expenses that I keep forgetting to expense- getting that off my plate and paying it off will be an awesome feeling. 
Yikes…didn’t get this accomplished- moving it to this week! 
2- Spiritual…Prayer is something normal to me, but praying in a church is not.  I’m going to go light a candle this week and pray within a church (sorry to get religious but that’s the 5goalsaweek!)
After a few events in my life… I’ve been praying 3 times a day, but I didn’t get to chruch. Need to keep this on there. 
3- Fitness…this one is tough right now, but my fitness goal is to run 4 times this week (tough because I have my annual event this week)
Cross this off! 
4- Professional…I’ve been getting frustrated at work because I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done.  I think this week I’m going to do so research on my field, just because it’s important and I never put it on my list. 
I took some time and read! It was wonderful especially after a crazy week we had of events! 
5- Vision…oh boy.  Vision for me expands to twenty different sectors of the planet- but I think I’m going to go ahead and study for 2 hours this week on MBA/GMAT testing…it’s in my vision and I want it so why not start? 

Ehh…didn’t work on this one either.

Well… as you can see I completed 1 out of 5 goals. (Ouch)…BUT they say it takes 30 days to create a habit…so on to the next week!

Check back next week to see how it goes and please comment and share your goals to make yourself accountable!

My goals this week:

1- Financial…Expense Report, Expense Report! AND…research on mutual funds with my friends LearnVest
2- Spiritual…Same as last week…get to church, light a candle
3- Fitness…7 days a week this…constant cardio WITH my new blog research including updates for Fitocracy.
4- Professional…Breathing..and appreciating the challenge. 
5- Vision…Same as last week (GMAT studying) 

Good luck to everyone this week! 

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