7 Habits for Running and your Financials

Have you heard of Learnvest
For any of our readers who are young females in school or starting our professionally, this is a GREAT tool (it is a website but I think everyone should consider it a tool!) to help you become financially savvy. 

I saw a great article this week from them on the comparisons between runners and money managers called, “7 Habits of Highly Effective Money Managers” the comparisons are great! Whether you are a runner with no personal finance knowledge or both, this article is a great and quick read: 
Here are the 7 Habits: 
1. Runners Keep Their Promises
2. Runners Stress Less
3. Runners Seek Out Information 
4. Runners Consider Training Mandatory 
5. Runners are Conscientious
6. Runners Don’t Forget to Calculate 
7. Runners Delay Gratification
These are so true, do you agree? 

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