Spinach Salad made Easy

Happy Friday!!

I tend to eat in rotation…my best friend always yells at me for it, but I think that sometimes it helps me because then I tend to branch out.

This week I wanted to try a “restaurant salad” for cheap.

Here’s what I cam up with:
$2.68 Raspberry Walnut Light Dressing (Good Value Brand)
$1.68 Great Value Salad Topping
$2.45 Freshers Spinach Leaves
5x$1.00 Roman Tomatoes
$2.23 Pack of chopped mushrooms

It was delicious! Add a piece of chicken for protein and it will complement the dressing perfectly. I highly recommend this as it is SO easy to make and was healthy.

Only one important note: Don’t drown the salad in dressing. The dressing can be a bit tangy if you eat it alone!

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