5 Goals a Week- Week 2

Okay…Week 2 is over.

This week had alot more than I had originally planned. Usually I don’t like to go into a soap box of personal but I do want those to know (you know who you are) that you got me through these 5 goals this week and more. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and a good Tuesday! 
Here’s my recap on my 5goals: 

1- Financial…Expense Report, Expense Report! AND…research on mutual funds with my friends LearnVest
Check, Check, Check! 
2- Spiritual…Same as last week…get to church, light a candle

Candle lit- 
3- Fitness…7 days a week this…constant cardio WITH my new blog research including updates for Fitocracy.
Okay..does 6 days count? 
4- Professional…Breathing..and appreciating the challenge. 

Definitely- it was a great week at the office. I took a few minutes to say hello to everyone and write down the challenges I was having, it made everything better. 
5- Vision…Same as last week (GMAT studying) 
So I didn’t get to do alot of resaearch, but I’ve been taking notes on what my manager has been saying (crazy words sometimes) and have been writing them down. Today…finally I took an hour and a half of time to review Six Sigma. It felt great! 

What I’ve learned so far? 
You need to adapt to your surroundings.  I’ve been so focused on getting these items and realized I was missing out on other very important things.  It’s hard to do, but don’t forget to take a moment to try and adapt! 

My first week of goals was a bit adventuresome- but look at Week 2! I’ve really toned it down and became core to what I needed to accomplish. 

Last week of 5 goals: 

1- Financial…Mutual Funds on Learnvest… (Yes, I didn’t get to it!) 
2- Spiritual…I’m going to church this weekend! 
3- Fitness…6 days!!!! 
4- Professional…I’ve been very blessed with the people I work with, this week I want to say hello to everyone and smile in the morning. Usually, I get right in and work. This week, I’m going to do what I’ve been triyng to do- ASK. 
5- Vision…I think I’ve turned a corner with an online application my company offers- so I’ll be clearing up some of those research items I’ve created from last week’s number 5! 

What are your goals this week?? 

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