5GoalsAWeek- Week 3

Week 3..complete! 

Here’s my recap on my 5goals for this week:
Last week of 5 goals:
1- Financial…Mutual Funds on Learnvest… (Yes, I didn’t get to it!)
2- Spiritual…I’m going to church this weekend!
Eh…didn’t get there, Spiritual has been tough for me. As a Catholic with some differing views, it’s been difficult to get me there. But I’m going to make it count because of my faith. I WILL get there.
3- Fitness…6 days!!!!
🙂 Complete, thanks to some help from coworkers!
4- Professional…I’ve been very blessed with the people I work with, this week I want to say hello to everyone and smile in the morning. Usually, I get right in and work. This week, I’m going to do what I’ve been triyng to do- ASK.
I’m pretty sure this one is complete!
5- Vision…I think I’ve turned a corner with an online application my company offers- so I’ll be clearing up some of those research items I’ve created from last week’s number 5!
Have added it to my list and my summer manifesto 🙂
As I end the 5goalsaweek challenge, here’s some of the things I have learned:
1- If you set your mind to it, it will happen….as long as you tell someone or write it down. Whether it’s an organized 5goalsaweek or just something small- by giving someone or something the information to hold. You are held accountable
2- Not everything has to be completed by your time frames.
Life happens, but it helps you to recognize that NO ONE is perfect.
3- Goals can be fun…whether it’s fitness or academic, professional or personal getting to the finish line for your goal is an amazing feeling
My thoughts:
I think 5goalsaweek is a great concept. I’m not a big fan of the categories as some were much harder than others BUT it was a good story.
What’s next?
I think that I’m going to go ahead and create a goal of the week (but not in favor of fitness) to help me combine my fitness goals with my “other” goals (spiritual, professional, vision, financial)
What are your goals this week??

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