Tricks and Treats of Habit Making

With my obsession with lifehacker, I ‘ve been reading a lot about habits and repitition.

They say that it takes 30 days to create a habit by performing it every day.  Sounds easy…but we all know it can be pretty difficult. Chocolate Covered Crunches has given me the opportunity to challenge and try out different ideas and concepts. Which is way making habits sounded so fun to me.  Every day I think about some things I want to get rid of in my lifestyle like eating desert or watching TV.

Well..I’ve taken the challenge with three different nutritional habits (don’t worry, I am not eliminating chocolate yet) to IF 30 days would work. It did…in some areas.

Breakfast: Toast and Peanut Butter 

Peanut Butter has everything you need to start your day off. It has protein and a pack full of energy to keep you moving.  For pretty much two years now I have been eating a Thomas Mini Wheat Bagel (110 calories) with cream cheese and a banana.  Although it sounds pretty healthy- it doesn’t have the caloric intake for a good breakfast (you know…the most important meal of the day) which would make me hungry at 10 AM! I am not a fan of Peanut Butter but sucked it up and started to change my habit to toast and peanut butter every day.  The banana, toast (130 calories) and peanut butter gave me a total of 340 calories…perfect for my breakfast AND with a metabolism booster in the peanut butter I swear it helped me start my morning off right.

64 Ounces of Water a Day 

After beating the Diet Coke Addiction through Lent, I saw myself not drinking at all.  I was determined to start drinking more water even if I disliked it.  I kept

reading about how to drink water and what techniques since everyone talks about it.  I came across an article claiming that a water bottle equals a goal and if you finish
the water bottle you’ll feel better.  Sounds pretty basic…so I tried it. I started with a normal Dasani bottle, which didn’t really work. Then off to Fiji thinking I was a celebrity 🙂 …didn’t work as it was too bulky and then found Smart Water.  Smart Water is $1.18 for a 32 ounce bottle at Walmart…but it was great! I would drink one in the morning and then refill in the afternoon and knew I couldn’t leave work until I finished both! Easy concept…and for 30 days it worked! I now sometimes feel aggravated if I don’t get my water goals checked off!

Water before Coffee

If you have met me, you know I’m obsessed with coffee. I LOVE it.  But the problem was I was going right for the coffee pot which started by day without the most essential thing we all need- WATER.  So…I made a commitment to drink a glass of water before I leave for work everyday.  Sometimes I go downstairs while I’m getting ready and take the glass upstairs and sometimes I forget about the glass and end up walking Phin with a glass in my hand.  No matter what, I held myself accountable to drink a glass of water…and it worked! Every day I’ve been drinking a glass of water (for the exception of weekends) and I feel so much better! If there is a habit to choose from these three- try this one.  It may sound crazy, but I felt like my brain was clear and ready for the day with water in my system!

Habits that didn’t work: 

Salad every day– I just can’t keep it fresh…it’s more of a frustrating item as it took A LOT of effort.

Desert before 7PM – Getting home from work late and heading to the gym results in late night dinners and then desert. I’ve realized that desert (although small) is something I LOVE. And I shouldn’t take that away from myself. Having a late night M&M is okay by me.

TV- Only one hour a day. Yea…I don’t have an explanation, I just can’t get rid of it.

Habits I still want to try: 

5 Minute Walk every 2hours- There just isn’t great software which uses Microsoft Outlook to remind you to get up from your desk. I’m still researching for future posts!

Have an recommendations to habits you want to test out? Share them with me and let’s start a challenge!

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