Back on Track…My First Interval Training Workout Post Injury

After two months of cardio (mostly elliptical and jogging)…I decided it was time to get back into interval training.

Circuit Training

50 Seconds on, 10 seconds off

1- Burpies

The original plan is to use a Medicine Ball with your Burpie.  (See what walking the plank does here!) Remember that Burpies are complete cardio and complete core and very easy to do… Jump up, reach Down, pull your legs out into a plank position, and then bring your legs back in, jump up.

2- “Light” Basketball Squats

Because of my hand, I can’t take the medicine ball and “bounce” it without my nerves getting to me. So I tweaked a basketball squat into a “light version.” Squatting down with the basketball and then reaching the ball up over my head like you are about to shoot. Make sure to keep your back straight.

3- Sit Ups with Medicine Ball

Legs straight out, ball is in front of your head, reach towards the ball and bring it up with your chest and back, coming to a 90 degree angle and arms above your head. It gets tough after 50 seconds!

4- Russian Twists

Yea…these are brutal- twisting from side to side in a crunch position.

5- Planks!

Forearms in line with your shoulders, reach up into a push up position and hold…don’t forget to breathe!

6- Toe Taps

I used the medicine ball as my place holder and tapped the ball for 50 seconds like a soccer drill. (NOTE: the next day I had this exercise in my rotation and didn’t have a medicine ball. I looked for an “edge” and used that as my placeholder. The objective is to move your feet up off of the ground for better stability and core work.)

Rest for One Minute, Repeat 3 times.


I think that getting back from any injury is tough. It’s tough on you physically because you really WANT to go further but your body is telling you NO. The biggest piece of advice I can give someone is to take it easy.  Usually, I would have 9-10 exercises before a one minute break but I knew better even if my mind wanted to go further. Burpies were the hardest for my hand (physically and mentally) so I only did 5-6 burpies, taking my time in getting used to the move again. It’s important to use judgement…that’s why we have it!

If you aren’t coming back from an injury, this workout is also for you! Just speed it up with goals including improving your set every time you run through it. For example, “This time I’m going to do 20 burpies in 50 seconds…then the next set- 21!”

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