CC Coach- Meet Kara Vincent

I met Kara in our ONMC years at the track.  Kara is filled with energy and is one of the nicest women I know.  While she was starting her running journey, I kept looking at her saying WOW…she is doing it.  Kara is now coaching many runners in the Charlotte community. I love seeing her Facebook page filled with her student’s praise and gratitude. She truly is an inspiration.  I am very proud to welcome Kara to the CC’s Coach’s Corner!

Here’s her story:

Milestone and Accomplishments: Lost over 50 pounds since 2009.

Ran 5 marathons (26.2 with Donna- 2/09, Marine Corps-10/09, Thunder Road- 11/11, Myrtle Beach- 2/12, Tobacco Road- 3/12).
Ran 6 half marathons (Myrtle Beach- 2/06, Thunder Road- 12/06, Racefest- 4/11, Rochester- 9/11, Rock and Roll LV- 12/11, Racefest- 4/12)
Competed in 2 70.3 half iron distance events (Beach to Battleship- 11/10, White Lake- 5/11)
Numerous sprint triathalons, 5ks, and 10ks.
Your Motto: It’s you Beach (but using another word)!
Why did you decide to start training?: I always hated running because it was always used as punishment for my sports that I played.  When I moved to Charlotte, everyone else was doing it, so I did too!  After my first 2 half marathons I continued to run, but started working with NASCAR and traveling every weekend and going to school.  Needless to say, I started eating horrible and gained weight.  My 5’5″ frame weighed in at 175-178 pounds through the years of 2007-2008.  At the beginning of 2008, I started working at RFYL and met some pretty awesome people who were very healthy and I got hooked.  Training became a huge part of my life because I wanted to hang out with my friends who were big runners.  Since the Shamrock 4 miler in March 2008, I haven’t looked back.  I am now training for my first Iron Distance Event (140.6 miles in October)!
How did you get to the start line? What kept you going during your training?: My friend Alice talked me into my first marathon and we picked 26.2 with Donna because it was the breast cancer marathon, and my mom is a 2 time survivor!  So the race would mean something to me!
What was your first thought after crossing the finish line?: I did it…I did it for my mom, my hero!  (And I will NEVER do that again.  And I signed up for my next one 3 weeks later!)

Come back next week for Kara’s Three Tips!

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