Friday’s Fitness- Get 20 Minutes In TODAY.

Happy Friday!!

I think Friday’s are the hardest days to make sure you get a workout in. Why? one wants to get up early on Fridays (Well I don’t) and then you want to hit the happy hour at 4PM if you get out early. I leave Friday’s to my quick workout.  Just do 20 minutes, it may turn into an hour or it may be only 20 minutes…but it will make your day an even happier Friday after!

Just think this:


20 Minute Quickie:

5 minute warm up

Intervals…4 exercises 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 1 minute rest between sets. = Total 3 Sets

1- Jumping Jacks (Do you know every 2 jacks= 1 calorie?)

2- Jump Squats

3- Plank Jacks

4- Toe Taps

Very easy…quick…and a GREAT cardio workout.

Happy Friday!

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